Golden Pear Wellness Spa - Come relax and rejuvenate...
Body Treatments
by Malie Kauai
(These treatments are approx. 80 min.)
Organic Renew Ritual
Awa-Puhi Ginger and Sweet Lime ...60

For centuries, Hawaiians have enjoyed the cleansing and moisturizing benefits of Awa-Puhi Ginger and Sweet Lime. Malie's Organic Renew Ritual revives these beauty traditions in an indulging experience for the skin and senses. Your renewed and refreshed skin will feel smooth, soft and moisturized.
Organic Rescue Ritual
Lilikoi and Organic Lemongrass..60

Transcend your mind and body to the tropics with the exotic blend of Wild-crafted Lilikoi and Organic Lemongrass. The botanical benifits of Lilikoi and Lemongrass essential oil will rescue your skin from travel fatigue and daily stress by reducing swelling and
 puffiness while stimulating blood flow.
Organic Beauty Ritual
Jasmine and Romantic Rose.....60

Allow the richly sensual and calming powers of luscious Jasmine and 
romantic rose to relax and beautify body and spirit with Malie's Organic Beautify Ritual. 
 Therapeutic Jasmine and fragrant Rose help relieve stress and tension as 
their natural aphrodisiac qualities ignite inner and outer beauty.  
After our rapturously indulgent ritual, you'll feel totaly serene, refreshed and beautiful!